5 Steps to Making Your Workout Fun

If Phoebe from Friends and Richard Simmons had a love child it would be this gem, Joanna Rohrback. I'm not going to lie, I LOVE this woman; and so does the internet, her Prancercise video has over 13 million views on YouTube. You can watch it here.

Joanna Rohrback, founder of Prancercise

“The walk was the one that came to me first, when I was power-walking to a really great song on the radio and started to sashay. Then I wanted some upper body toning and developed the box, and then the trot was just fun  —  why do you think I was a little late for this interview? I was trotting, of course!  —  and it’s just nice to have the gallop for when a song changes and you want to get some increased cardio.” – the Hairpin, June 2013

She's got it right, exercise should be fun! Here are my 5 steps to making my workouts fun, share yours in the comment section below. 

  1. Wear Clothes You Like - cute workout clothes make you feel good, the way any cute outfit does, and when you feel fabulous you'll want to be there working up a sweat!
  2. Get the Music Playing - the gym is my guilty pleasure time when it comes to music. I don't listen to music when I drive (I'm all about the podcasts) but when I'm working out I love 90's hip hop, pop from every era, and country-pop too, the catchy beats just make you want to move. 
  3. Play a Game - I love sports, so a game of basketball or volleyball will always peak my interest. I play at my gym, but there are lots of adult leagues out there, it's fun, social and you'll feel great afterwards. 
  4. Take a Class - it's easy to get stuck in a workout rut, but most gyms offer multiple classes a day. They're usually set to good music and will get you out of your routine and trying something new in no time! Look for Spin classes, Zumba, Salsa, Yoga, BodyPump, or something you've never heard of before.  
  5. Don't Worry What You Look Like - I know I started this out saying cute workout clothes, but that's about you, not about anyone else. You're not at the gym to impress people so if you want to fun run like Phoebe, Prancercise, or make a weird grunty face when you lift weights, then just do it. The truth is everyone is too worried about themselves to pay attention anyway, so have fun!