I'll Call the Shots

For those of you who've fallen off the planet and don't know who Ashley Graham is, this outspoken super model should be your girl crush for today (and always).  Another in the quote series, this time by the sensational Ashley Graham. 

Ashley Graham

“To some I’m too curvy. To others I’m too tall, too busty, too loud, and, now, too small — too much, but at the same time not enough. When I post a photo from a ‘good angle,’ I receive criticism for looking smaller and selling out. When I post photos showing my cellulite, stretch marks, and rolls, I’m accused of promoting obesity. The cycle of body-shaming needs to end …What type of example are we setting for young girls and their self-esteem if grown adults are on Instagram calling other women ‘cowards’ for losing weight, or ‘ugly’ for being overweight? … I refuse to let others dictate how I live my life and what my body should look like for their own comfort. And neither should you … My body is MY body. I’ll call the shots.” —Lenny Letter, August 2016

If women are going to make it anywhere we need to stop knocking each other down. This blog is all about health, but that doesn't just mean tiny young girls in cute workout clothes with acai bowls. Health is about diet and exercise yes, but it's also about mental health, fertility, heart health, a good night's sleep, and letting go. No one can be everything all the time, and just because another women seems to have it all together, or is falling apart there's nothing to be gained from being petty. Let her be. This terrible misconception that another woman's achievements lessen out own is just crippling. It's easy to compare yourself to other people (I do it all the time, but I'm working on it!) still, you never feel better for it, and a the end of the day a rising tide lifts all boats. We're all working on being our best selves, so give yourself a pat on the the tush and say go get 'em girl, the world is yours for the taking.